Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take me out to the ball game... and then some...

Wednesday night Yankee boy and I ended up in the Bronx at the Yankee stadium. The were playing against Seattle, and I was very excited since we had great seats - field level just past 1st base.

I met him at Billy's Bar just before the game just to find him doing Patron shots... well when in Rome... so couple of shots later we dragged our asses t the game and couldn't be more disappointed! Inning after inning the game became more and more painful as Seattle was kicking our asses! 7th inning, 3 bears and a hot sausage later we could not watch their miserable failure! 5-0??? What the hell happened?

So we left for Billy's bar again for more tequila! The bar wasn't hopping enough for us though.. some middle aged moms drunk and getting down.. yikes! So we left.
In a search of more entertainment we ended up at Sin City. Apparently Bronx's prime entertainment spot.

Yankee's favorite girl - Angie saw us in a cab as we were getting out of it in front of the place and said a quick hi, before disappearing into the club.
To make things clear, Sin City is a strip club where you can find lots of exotic fishes! ;-)

Vodka was pouring and we were having lots of fun! Got a nice lap dance too! And trust me when I say in da Bronx ALL BETS ARE OFF!

Inspired by all the lap dances around and absolutely uninspired by the pole action (lack thereof) I decided to give Yankee boy a lap dance! Well those classes have to pay off somehow!

Wel.. the stripper that was giving a lap dance next to us promptly stopped midway to ran to e to put a dollar bill in my bra! Pretty awesome... my first tip as a non-stripper!
With boosted confidence I continued the lap dance just to be tapped on my shoulder by a bouncer couple of minutes later. "Miss, No, No!" - he said with a disapproving move of his finger (kinda like what parents do to their kids when they misbehave!)

SHIT! Apparently all it takes to be allowed to give lap dances in the Bronx is filling out an application and you're IN!

Well in my books this night will go down as the night I nearly got kicked out of a strip joint!!!

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