Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What can be more fab than spending time at the beach with the girls, when it's nearly 100 outside! This city becomes unbearable and LI beaches are the only escape (if you still like to stay outdoors!)
And since it was 4th of July some good ol' fireworks were in order for the evening part of the day!

Dressed properly for a rooftop party (yes no skirts, or dresses as I think this city has already seen plenty of my underwear before) I left to meet Scary Spice, who was supposed to be joining me for this extravaganza!

Normally in NY you can buy almost anything at nearly any time of the day, but on 4th of July city becomes deserted as everybody floods Fire Island or the Hamptons.
So what do you do when you're all the way downtown in your perfect party shoes, that gave into this heat and literally fell apart??
For those of you who have never been in NY.. downtown is where all the financial institutions are and shopping is already sparse. And on 4th of July whatever is there is closed by 7 pm!

It was already 8 o'clock and after running around downtown with no shoes on in sheer panic... I discovered CVS (our pharmacy and cosmetics store).... my only option!

In the worst case scenario I could buy socks there so I didn't have to walk around barefoot. People were already looking at me like I'm crazy walking with no shoes, but what is a girl to do in that situation? Really?

The choices that CVS presented me with were either crocks (ugh would rather continue walking barefoot) or shower totes that included a lufa, shower get and FLIP-FLOPS. I quickly grabbed one, paid and walked out of the store out of pure embarrassment. Unpacked my goodies at the nearest corner just to find out the the Flip-Flops were 2 sizes too small!!! At that point I didn't care and Scary Spice was waiting for me somewhere... so with my new "shoes" I ran back all the way downtown just to hear her say.... "Only you ... this shit only happens to you!" - after which we bother bursted out laughing!

The party was also great. Fireworks were spectacular and watching them from a 33rd floor was absolutely amazing!

Side note.. it took me good 20 minutes to get rid of all the NY dirt from my feet. This city is filthy! May need a tetanus shot!

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