Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drop it like it's HOT!

I rarely make plans, but we have been talking about Saturday night with Blondi (shit.. she's not blond anymore... lets call her Pumpkin) for good couple of days now. It was supposed to be a girls night out originally, but turned out to be quite the opposite. I've always like when lots of friends get together and all end up at the same place. Was actually surprised that I've managed to get so many of them together at the same place and time... tried to throw parties before but there is always someone that cannot make it.

So from the original 2, it turned out to be a whole group of people! Most of us got there around 11 so we practically waited maybe 5 minutes to get in. Place was already pretty busy and we all grabbed drinks. 30 minutes after we got in the line outside was so long, our other friends would have had to wait good hour to get in. In cases like that I am always glad I decided to go with the backless, tight dress cause that makes it so much easier to shmooze the bouncers! They were pretty tough last night tho, and had to give one of them my phone number to get the boys in... oh the sacrifices we make for friends ;-). Glad I managed to do the fake number this time! Phew!

Alcohol was flowing, between vodka, whisky, cranberry juice we were all in a very happy place!
The shots at the bar, with the bartender pouring them straight down your throat was just a bonus!

Curly and I were so excited that this was our chance to show off what we have learnt earlier at the pole dancing class. Unfortunately(well maybe actually fortunately, since I didn't want to land on my bum again) no poles were around... but that didn't stop us from using live 'poles' to show off our dance routine! And trust me boys were more than willing to be the prop!

As most of you know I do keep my promises, and apparently in some state of intoxication couple weeks back I promised a lap dance to Mr. hmmm what should we call him... lets call him Hank. If you've seen Californication, you have met Hank Moody and that is probably the best way to describe him! A tall, dark and handsome version of Hank Moody!

The pressure was on and after a bit of intoxicating fluids finally hit my brain I was up for the challenge. Wow... This I can only describe in quotes from my observing friends... as the lap dance practically lasted for the duration of our evening! Yes... I have too much pent up lots of energy and dancing is the best way to use it up!

Was it good?... well I sure hope so. The fact that at some point I turned around and ALL of my friends stopped dancing and were watching and taking pictures says something. Apparently according to Coon Rapids boy(sorry babe... will come out with a better nickname next time) the Dj stopped spinning for a second to peek over! Shit maybe career change is an option after all!

All in all I feel like a grandma today, muscles hurt so bad I can barely move. You know you pushed your body too much when sitting on a toilet becomes a painful chore!
No visible bruises on body, but apparently I have a red wine stain on my lip.. will leave an explanation to your imagination as there was NO red wine involced last night!

People involved last night, please post some feedback!!! HAHAHA

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pole on the POLE! Peaches first pole dancing class... ;-)

Ordinary Saturday afternoon... ohh hells no, no such thing for me lately.
Curly and I signed up for our first ever pole dancing class! Yes we were both thinking about career change... and we happened to come across this amazing deal @ groupon for New York Pole Dancing Studio... so we both hopped on the opportunity!

As we walked into the building and got to the 8th floor, we got a little creeped out by the location of the studio. Kinda felt like we were walking into some kind of sketchy warehouse... or a sweatshop! We walked into the room just to meet our dance partner for the next hour... THE POLE! So long, silver and shiny! Couple of seductive stretches later we were ready to get intimate with or partner...

So first we started getting familiar with it, by doing some dance moves... the dance partner seemed a little cold at first.. but soon we were grinding up against it and it felt GOOD and SEXY! Gaby our dance instructor was awesome, the girl knows how to use her butt! Shit I think at that point our jaws were down to the floor as she was showing us the next part of our routine.

We started with a simple walk around holding the pole to resting our backs on it.. tracing the body with our hands (yes... touching ourselves) to sliding up and down while embracing the pole with both hands above the head.... with one leg out and using support of the pole we slid down it to sit on the floor just to roll around it and graze the floor with our boobs!

Ok.. so so far so good.. we were all keeping up.... next move tho... wasn't so easy.. the spin! As you twist your leg around it, put the other one behind we had to slide down it... fireman style... of course not as mechanic as they do it, but slowly...
This was harder than it looked... after landing on my ass twice I finally got it! It does give you this amazing rush... as you hold on to it.. twist your legs around... and your airborne! WOW what a feeling! And that was first main part of the intro class. The second was the climb... yes you had to climb your shiny partner and hold on for your dear life.. to arch your back... and yet again slid down the piece of metal..... WOW...... I'm sure some parts of it didn't look as sexy as you would see it at the exotic dance central but hell we had a BLAST doing it! And curly... I'm telling you no visible signs of seizures happening during it... I think for our first time we were quite graceful! Well at least I hope we were!

Although the whole career change might not work out the way we wanted, I think this will have to be added to our schedules pronto as a regular work out routine... hell my arms and butt already hurt... and part number 2 of dance is yet to come tonight... Hell who knows maybe we will end up at a place that has a POLE so at least we can practice! Cause we definitely NEED practice! Time to get on ebay to search for a pole! PP out to get ready for some more fun tonight!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

Any woman that has lived in NYC has experienced male attention in one way or another. Some attention is good, some is bad, but you can still brush it off your shoulders and move on... and some just reveals some plain ugly personality.

Listen we all like attention.. but not the kind that this city usually offers to us. Sometimes a random stranger will stop you on a street and say something nice... sometimes will stop your cab at 2 am just to tell you, that you have gorgeous eyes (as it happened to me once before). Hell we've all walked near a construction site before.. there are on average 5 guys that will say something, whistle or just plainly stare... CREEPY can you say?! But lets get to the really ugly attention that I've experienced ...

It all started with a Saturday night outing that seemed to be going promising.. until after watching a sappy comedy we couldn't get a cab to get to dinner. Well lets face it, February in NY isn't the warmest month... and with the wind the nipples were definitely saying hi.
Some random guy stopped us and said he was a cab driver... so eager to get to our dinner on time we jumped in... sure he was a cab driver after all... short conversation revealed that he was Egyptian from Alexandria... Lets call him The Boxer (as apparently he was a professional boxer back home). If you've ever been to Astoria you know there are lots of Egyptians living here and I happen to be friends with quite a few of them. And as our conversation revealed we have some common friends as well. As soon as he heard that I was from Poland... he made sure to mention that he has dated plenty of Polish girls before.
So for him the game was on... peacock chest was out... and now I felt like I was at a car dealership having one of those annoying sales person trying to sell me a kia as it was an aston martin. During the 10 minute car ride to the restaurant, he managed to tell us all about his business, life and his boxing career... he also managed to include in the conversation, that his company only owns bmws, mercedes etc.. yet we were stuck in some old falling apart town car... really?!! We didn't really respond to his sales pitch so then he proceeded to tell us that he only works with models and VIP... really? Felt like I was in LA for a second there and EVERYONE was IN the business. The Boxer was failing miserably... impressing us really wasn't working and wasn't going to get him anywhere... The 10 minute cab ride felt like it lasted for hours... but finally we arrived at the restaurant... and he actually had the guts to ask for my phone number... pulling the ultimate 'boyfriend' card didn't work.. as he said he also has a girlfriend and that I'm getting it all twisted... so then I said that I'm not really looking for new friends either... and his response to that was that he "has had many girls from my country before and (that) they are very cold in bed"... Can't some man just put a tail behind their bum and walk away with some class?! No... apparently male ego doesn't let them... he had to show how classless of a person he was... I didn't bother wasting another breath saying anything else, just thinking 'be the better person, walk the higher road.'

Listen I know there are plenty of girls that are looking for a man with $$ and a position... someone that will take care of them... but if the guy actually asked another question apart of 'where are you from' rather than telling us his life story... he wouldn't humiliate himself and would have spared us the dreadful cab ride...

Next time... please lets try to get a driver that either doesn't speak English or is gay... ;-)

After all we were so hungry we just couldn't wait to get in and stuff our faces... The restaurant happened to make a mistake with my reservation... and booked it under Carolina Dolphin... so Flipper and a friend, happy and warm had a delicious dinner! For those of you who don't know that.. Dolphin is one of my many nicknames! Coincidence? As Heniu would say... there are no coincidences! ;-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I think I consider myself a pretty patient person, but I've finally had it with the corporate bullshit of my building management company! After two years ... came the time to move on...

And if you don't know me, I'm a Sagittarius and we constantly need change to keep ourselves entertained. So here I am, February 2010 venturing out into the unknown world of Queens, NY... (hey Astoria is what I've considered Queens before).

Apartment search - mission 01 in 2010, quickly became my PRIORITY! I really didn't want this to become a lengthy process, as those not only tend to discourage me in the end but also I'm an artist and the things people tend to consider as everyday tasks overwhelm me! Yes I can handle much better a 6 figure project than searching for an apartment.

So as of Monday February 1st I was religiously checking all the apartment websites, and calling anything that resembled an apartment... I will have to tell you some of the observations I've made, but let me tell you one thing first. I have a little chihuahua named Jonesy, and as any of you pet owners in the NY metro area know, moving with your pet ain't easy here! They either don't want them, don't like them, their religion doesn't care for them, someone is allergic or some other bullshit reason they can come up with.

This pretty much became a constant after the first day of calling.... whenever there was a woman on the other side of the line, a dog (even my lil 6 lbs chihuahua) was a no no.. and there was even no discussion! You know how it is... 'Not my dog, not my flees, I'm not the one who's going to be scratching myself' kinda deal.
February 2nd ... I got a little smarter... weeded out ALL those ads posted by women! Well except one that said pet friendly. By February 3rd, I've had bunch of places lined up to see, so Blondie Spice, me and our unlimited metrocards were off to the races.

We get off the train and ask someone for directions (yes because the GPS on my iPhone and technically 2 blonds wasn't enough to figure out where the hell we were going). And guess what... it's Polskaville! Polish here, there and everywhere, Polish stores, restaurants, flower stores... damn... I was home once again...
yes mama... I'm coming home ;-)

And did I say it was a mission?! I don't take those lightly! February 4th and I've already found an apartment!!

.....and this is how I ended up in Ridgewood, NY - the up and coming Polskaville!

Shit.... blogs might have to be in Polish from now on, as I will probably loose my english language skills very soon hahaha! So for you English speaking people... better brush up on your Polish! You do have till March 1st!