Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gay men in Sparkles!

Women, we all love our sparkles and our gay boys...not metro! GAY! And what could be more fabulous than a gay man in sparkles taking care of our saturday nights entertainment?! Did I say overweigh gay man in TIGHT sparkling outfit? Yes.. love handles are IN this season apparently.

Evening started out with dinner and drinks at Tacu Tacu in Williamsburg. A mix of Peruvian and Vietnamese food... strange combo no? Kinda like putting Mexican and Chinese at the same place- never got that one. As it turned out though the food was quite good, spicy and quite fulfilling and you actually didn't feel like you were going to sink straight to the bottom of a body of water in case you got so drunk and happen to fall into one (and there were plenty of those at Galapagos). Got some pork dish, since I still couldn't muster my courage to even look at seafood after Friday night debacle. I know my kosher and halal friends would not feel proud of my choice, but hey.. I'm a dirty Catholic after all, and we don't have food restrictions!
Couple Dragon Bites (with bacardi) and Strawberry mojitos later we scrambled out of Tacu Tacu and managed to get to Dumbo.

Galapagos Art Space was pretty incredible! Fell in love with the location, the whole ambiance and decor of the place in minutes! I mean how can you not?
Bjorn our host (yes that would be the gay man in sparkles) and his piniada dog were pretty amusing, and did I mention our birthday girl - Blondie Spice got a lap dance from him?? SWEET!

Floating Kabaret was quite amusing, it pretty much had anything you can think of singing, dancing, striptease.. you name it! Quite fun! Peak-a-boo Pie stripping away layers to show some sexy lingerie, and who doesn't like lingerie.. well maybe some priests that would much rather run after underage altar boys in boxer shorts or speedos... Actually even a priest would be content with the show as there were lots of those too! Mr. Gorgeous was pretty fucking HOT stripped down to undies! Glad he wasn't underage phew, us women, we like our meat matured to perfection! ;-)

The best performance of the night though was a shirtless man in super tight sparkly pants, that used a piece of fabric hung (hehe I said hung) from the ceiling doing all sorts of acrobatics. True art! Sexy doesn't even come close to explaining it really... DIVINE would be more proper. The video attached is of the said performance. Trust me, if you didn't feel sexy when you walked in to Galapagos, you definitely felt sexy when you walked out and whether it was the vodka or the nakedness I couldn't tell you.. maybe both!

Follow the below link to check out performance video:

You know it was a good night if you wake up the next morning with a headache but you still want more!!!

Till next time guys!

Yours Truly,
Polish Pie aka Peaches ;-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Steak and Legs.

Friends have always told me to start a blog and I could never get myself organized enough to write about all those crazy things that happen to me in the Big Apple (and pretty much everywhere!)

But with the new year come new resolutions, so here I am writing my FIRST ever blog... yes popping my own Cherry here guys, so bear with me!

Thought it was going to be just a usual friday night. Finished work late (as usual) and after a LONG week I was ready for a nice long candle lit bath and a glass of red wine. Walking out of the office, phone start to ring. A friend, (lets call him 'Yankee Boy' for the purpose of this story) calls me up to see if I wanted to join him and bunch of his friends for dinner. And since I'm always up for a bite to eat, I hopped on the subway to meet him in a very strange part of town: 45th Street and 11th Avenue...

Little did I know that I was about to walk into one of the most upscale strip clubs in Manhattan. First question that came to mind (yes my dirty mind) was what the hell are we gonna eat here??? Pussy on a silver platter? Yuck. I guess there goes my appetite for seafood!

A little unsettled, but welcomed by a gorgeous woman we were seated with menus. Woo Hoo.. they actually serve food here! Menu was actually pretty impressive or maybe I just haven't been to strip joint with gourmet kitchen before.
Took me a while to order with all those distractions around... man I get why boys can't make a decent conversation at the beach now!

I can't remember the last time I was in a strip club... but it must have been Candy Bar in London with Georgie! Oh yes that was the night I came home with bruised knees.. don't ask me why...

4 drinks (yes I was still counting) and some yummy steak dinner later we move on to the entertainment part of the night! Of course Yankee Boy had to buy me a lap dance!!!! Hey I had plenty of lap dances in my life... but I don't think I had anyones boobies so close to my face before! First 30 seconds all I could think about was I was about to get smacked with someone's boob! I get it there is no touching.. but ohhhh there is plenty of accidental touching!
Brilliantly awesome.. maybe if I only could stop laughing for a split of a second I could actually learn something from this chick. Minutes later my lap dance was over... but the thrill of it lasted for the entire night!

One thing I gotta tell you... pole dancing classes are starting this week and I AM READY!
Cab ride home was fast.. maybe because I couldn't remember half of it. Should get into the habit of writing my address down for the cab drivers as chaos ensues when there is Belvedere involved!