Thursday, June 7, 2012

OMG... so completely random!!! OMG!

Since we have moved offices to Midtown or as we like to call it SOHELL (South of Hells Kitchen) getting hit on has been a daily occurrence. After a month I have sort of started getting used to all the cat calls until yesterday.

Mid afternoon Wednesday in Manhattan, people running around getting to their meeting and appointments. I was soaking up some vitamin D, while this guy walked up to me. And below is the conversation:

Random Guy: You are gorgeous, you look like someone I could marry!
Me: Ok...

Random Guy: No seriously, you look like someone I would marry!
Me: Aha...

Random Guy: I'm 37 how old are you?
Me: Seriously asking a women about her age?

Random Guy: Well ... yeah... I think we could get along..
Me: Ummm.... (speechless)

Random Guy: God blessed you! Wow!
Me: Have a good day!

And I walked away. Mind you unlike many of those yahoos out in SOHELL, he had a full set of teeth, and seemed like he actually showered that day. So it was just mildly creepy, until...

I get on OK Cupid (aka OK Stupid) just to find Random Guy poking around my profile! Ok Cupid also sent me "He chose you" (as in the random guy thought I was cute) thingy..... now seriously???? WEll one thing I have to give him, the men is consistent in what he finds attractive!

Whoever said NYC was a big city, was a complete FOOL!
It really is smaller than we think!