Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stumbled upon XXX style!

I know I know.. I have really been slacking on writing, and you all miss me (well at least my written words). I think I am back and with the amount of CRAZY in my life I think I can keep you plenty entertained for all those cold fall/winter evenings when you're sitting at home with nothing to do.
Below is something that I wrote back in January and never posted it, and at this point I think you have lots of catching up to do! So here we go again!

Yesterday's (again this was back in January) list of intensive reading started while during my usual morning browse through I stumbled upon an article about how porn changes our sex life. Hmmm.. interesting I thought... one click later I was sucked in. What this lunatic was saying was that guys these days eat, live and breath porn and that this dependability makes them lack concentration during performing the actual act. REALLY? So a guy is antsy in bed, can't keep his focus (hey happens to the best of us) and we're calling it Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder now?? SADD... yes.. it is sad!

Later on in the day Curly reminded me a conversation we've had about "How to Please your man Class at babeland... so I quickly browsed their website to see when they were holding the next one as we have this grand plan of using a hidden camera and making complete fools out of ourselves...

Anyway ( I think I have some kind of ADD, as I continue to digress from the point, just hope its not SADD) .. has lots of events to offer... Although February seem to be the Blow Job month they have plenty of other classes to grab your interest. My personal favorites: Spanking 101, Cheep Date: Hand Job (wow people still give those???) or Back Door Basics. They even have a class that instructs you on making a Valentines Day pasties...
And how awesome are they... those classes are either free, or they offer a student or even low income discount! Finally with all the $$ the sex industry is making... they are giving back to the community, one orgasm at a time. SWEET!