Monday, April 26, 2010

Vodkas Jacks, Chubakas and Jamaican bros... what a melting pot!

What is better way to finish a god awful week with a hair cut, a new color and some vodka?!

And it so happened that Mr. Rockstar was playing a show at BB Kings that night... so Charlie's Angels (aka me, Blondi Spice and Scary Spice) were heading to Times Square.

We quickly became something of a local attraction.. as we were most likely the tallest people in there! It was really time for us to start drinking.. and dancing...

Couple things worth mentioning...
Mr. Preppy (one of the guys that came up to us) that was so drunk that couldn't muster a word , because he was so wasted. All he kept doing was those hand motions that suggested he was about to say something... well.. not much was there to say. We kept making fun of his drunkenness.. but little did we know we were about to hit that level really soon, and actually go wayyyyy beyond that! He finally blurted out a question... "Where are you from?", since I hate those questions I always make people guess... according to Mr. Preppy we were British!

We felt bad we didn't make a banner for our Rockstar friend.. so couple digs in a bag and a visit to the friendly bartender we were ready to make a banner... Napkins, two colored pens and our boobs (to display it on) was all it took!

In the meantime, people were going crazy.. there was a group of really short people dancing in a makeshift circle, they really caught our attention, as they looked like a group of chubakas that were let out for a fun night out on the town! I mean... .I don't think there are more proper words to describe them... as chubakas doing the chubaka dance!

All in all we had a BLAST! Although there are still parts of the night that we can't remember.. probably a good thing!

Times Square at 4 am isn't the best place to be, as we were waiting for Rockstar to come out from the show we managed to meet some Jamaican men, speaking french to them (I guess when you're drunk anything is possible).. that were inviting us to their 125th St apartment to get high... what... really?? Somewhere during that conversation we apparently managed to leave two voicemails on our friend's phone... that I just got to listen to today... WOW... and it all came back to me... but why oh why was I speaking english with Russian accent on those messages??!!
Well nearly peed my pants listening us talking about our new Jamaican friends...

6:30 am was more or less when we finally made it to bed... Next day it was time to go through our bags... and between weird postcards, business cards etc.. some of us had more of a surprise hiding there! ;-)