Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 drink min or max??!!

I think I have officially lost my drinking mojo! I've used to be able to have 4-6 drinks and still be standing on my feet. Well last night really proved me WRONG! After a bike ride, 1.5 hours of tennis and no dinner.. I've became a REALLY cheap date! 1 drink was enough for me to not be comfortable on my own two feet!

Maybe it was the no dinner thing, or too much exercise, or all of the above, but I have crossed the line to alcohol danger zone aka#1 handle with care if under influence, aka #2 be prepared for fun!
Well last night I slipped out before inappropriate actions have taken place. Phewwww...


With the bachelor (yes not bachelorette) party looming in the near future, all I'm going to say is yikes! I've been forewarned by a friend already not to end up on a pole next to the stripper.. so I may just have to substitute those jello shots with gatorade? Maybe? Or simply ask for a Shirley Temple instead of a Martini!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A little much for a Monday morning subway ride...

I know people don't seem to be very happy on a Monday morning... especially pre-coffee. And I got to experience it first hand today.

In case you don't know this about me... I love to read! All sorts of books, fiction, non-fiction, love memoirs etc. For the longest time I've been interested to the genre I like to refer to as 'hooker books'. Yes you've heard it right. The are pleasantly explicit in their nature, and really entertaining. Listen some people watch porn, I prefer to read about it.

So there I was 9 am on a monday morning reading the 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl', while the man sitting next to me was reading ... the Bible! Not only reading it, but with 3 differently colored highlighters he was studying it.
As I continued to keep my nose in my own business, he continued to look over my shoulder (hate that)... and didn't fail to express his disapproval of my choices. Judgmental people piss me off, so I left the train saying that I'm researching a career change. Couple people looked at me mortified, and others laughed... (which was really the desired reaction)

I guess even New Yorkers can be a bit too nosy...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I have learnt in the first 48 hours... and also things that make me want to stay SINGLE!

1. Guys don't take rejection very easily. They stalk you, if you don't respond and ask its only fair of you to send them a picture. Then when you don't they keep stalking you and say you must be ugly... way to keep it classy boys! Girls get it.. he's just not that into you... so MOVE ON!

2. 80% are in love with themselves and the way the look (no matter how they look), short tall, fat, skinny, bold head but lots of facial hair... oh just shave it all off, and have the balls to do so!

3. 5'8'' seems to be 'tall' to an average man, yeah I wonder whether they were the tall ones within their Pygmy group.

4. People really don't smile on their pictures, all those angry gangsta poses don't do it for me... so smile and show me your pearly whites...

5. Mustaches are so my dad's generation! And let them stay there!

6. Ok.. this guy really needs a whole point. Vic wrote: "I even have a sexy red car to go with the date,,,lol can u send pics of u too,,, we can chat on yahoo im vmansexy or aim vmansexy007"
Just so you know that sexy red car was a Mazda RX8... and by the look of it, I would say at least 5-7 year old model... really????? And who would put 'sexy' in their username .... I really think he's one of those people with web cams... that use it in the privacy of their home (aka room at his parents house) in the middle of the night (in case mommy brings fresh snacks and tea).... and NAKED.....(scarry!) One more.. he did have a mustache! ewwww

7. I have no words for guy named Carey (threw up... TWICE, when I saw that)
Hi there, I enjoy sports (including softball, baseball, football, basketball), traveling, movies, cooking, dining out, live bands, comedy clubs, bowling, mini-golf, shooting pool, etc, anything fun. I'm an athletic 39 SWM 5' 6" with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I have an MBA and my profession is finance. Hope to speak with you soon.

Great buddy... and how does that fit the description tall, dark and handsome?? Do we need to send him back to school for some much needed reading tests??

8. It is one thing to wear one of those dorky bluetooth pieces when you're driving (well I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one) but have someone take a pictures of you with it on... ohhhh sooo not sexy... Mr. Businessman... soooo not.

Well.. I think those were some of the best ones... more to come as the experiment continues...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Social experiment!

I know it's been awhile since the last time we talked... I guess nothing worthy enough happened in that time to really write about... well maybe worthy enough but too personal would be a better way to put it. Sometimes (only sometimes) I don't kiss and tell ;-).

With my good friend's wedding in sight (less than a month away) and single since lately my men/boy toy obsession has turned into tennis obsession(while my tennis coach obsesses about me), I found myself with no date to take to the wedding. All is great, don't really mind going to events on my own, its just that its a closed event and nowhere to run if it gets really bad. Plus do I really want to be the 29 year old that has been put at the kids table? Especially when the theme of the wedding is "somewhere over the rainbow"... encouraged to wear brightly colored outfit, I would just be another Cinderella in the room. And besides... you all know my feelings about kids... 10 foot pole needed for ANY interaction, well with the exception of my nephew Lucas.

I've asked couple of my guy friends whether they would come and surprisingly both were up for it! Problem (as I always seem to have one) one is not 100% reliable, and would probably cancel on me last minute, and the other one would get the wrong impression, friends isn't the same as fuck friends, well at least in my dictionary.

Needless to say persuaded by Curly I started this 'social experiment', where I placed a post on a website looking for a date for the wedding.

Requirements: tall, dark and handsome, gotta dance and have a suit! I guess conversation wouldn't be such a big issue with so much food, drinks (and more drinks), loud music etc...

The post have been up for about 12 hours now and all I will say right now is that I'm starting a new charity. A charity that aims to provide MIRRORS to all the single men out there, since most of them really need a reality check!! So please donate, and do so quickly, NYC men have to awaken asap!

It has been an amusing experience so far, had couple GREAT laughs from it, so I will keep you posted and will try to put some images together for you as well. Promise it will be fun, so stay tuned for more.

Well, I can't leave without a sneak peek.. ok
1. Theo - a cardiology resident at Presbyterian Hospital, 6'1'' cute and funny, originally Brazillian (def a possibility!)
2. Steve - italian, 5'8'' shaved head and brown eyes... 17 tattoos and 2 piercing (prince albert??)

Ok... I asked about a suit not tattoos... and last time I checked 5'8'' was TALL for a WOMAN!