Monday, March 22, 2010

Ignorance is Bliss - a rant!

It really amazes met how in this day and age there are so many people that are prejudice against other people. I don't think I'm naive here but are we still living in times where stereotypes are such big part of how we look at people?! REALLY?!

Hey.. just because I'm Polish it doesn't mean I'm an unhappy alcoholic, just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean they are the next shoe bomber, or being Black doesn't mean they wear their pants below their bums and carry stereos blasting hip-hop on their shoulders!

How did we manage to get so self centered that we create our own little world with no tolerance for others and use stereotypes as our basis for judging people that we don't even know??? Why do we use our different backgrounds against people? We are not that different, no matter where and how we grew up. No one has a perfect life, or childhood for that matter. One thing that we do have in common is that we all take part in creating our futures, so we can either sit there and blame the world and past for our misfortunes or we can try to get past that, and create better future!
Here is a news flash... not all actions of other people have to be benefiting us!
We can draw whatever we want from peoples doings and learn from it rather than get stuck in a continuous circle of mistakes. Insanity after all is repeating the same things, expecting different results!

Friendship is a two way street where each of the people benefit from it, whether its emotional, intellectual or physical (I'm talking team sports, not sex here!) It's not eye for an eye, and just because you give more at times doesn't mean that you will be getting more back. It means you're creating a good karma for yourself and one day when you least expect it, that good karma will come back to you! Friendship also means honesty, that can be sometimes hard to hear, but that helps us in the long run.

So from now on.. for those intolerant ones.. here are some guidelines of how you should be looking at people!

Fine -------------------------freaked out insecured neurotic and emotional,
Adventurous ---------------Sleeps with everyone.
Emotionally Secure--------On medication.
Free Spirit------------------Pot friendly.
Outgoing--------------------Loud and embarrassing.
Independent Thinker------Crazy.
Poetic----------------------- Lazy.
Friendly---------------------Never shuts up.
Financially secure----------Has a job

This blog has been prompted by couple really frustrating conversations, I've had recently. I know opinions are like assholes everybody has one, and I can respect that, what I can't respect is the intolerance that comes out. The fact that I have a different opinion on something doesn't mean that I don't value you as a person or I should think of you less! Vibrant discussions make relationships way more fun. Life would be really boring if we all always agreed... but in that same sense lets all grow up together. Because getting old is not a choice, growing up is, so lets make the best of it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Faux pas x2 aka wrong address.. underwear malfunction

Wednesday night=date night for me lately. Its perfect, not Monday, which tends to be loser dating night, and not Friday, which tends to be relationship night. I keep it right in the middle.

Faux pas number 1: I gave the guy the wrong address. I was so sure that I lived at 69-31 xxx Street, but ohhh no.. I just wanted to live there! The red light didn't start flashing when my iPhone couldn't find it, or they were telling me that such address doesn't exist when I was trying to update it on all my documents... oh no. It actually took another person telling me I'm delusional (well not really, he was nice enough not to say it out loud) for me to walk downstairs and check the number. Yes 61-39 it is. But the other one was sooo much cooler! Oui oui?Non non?

Faux pas 2: For this one you need a little background info.
For the past couple of months I've been a frequent visitor to Victoria's Secret. It really is a blessing and a curse having it right on the corner from where I work. Bum is happy but wallet is not ;-). Needless to say I've bought LOTS of new undies. And since I can't put them all on at the same time (bummer, since I like to layer things) I stuck them in the drawer waiting for a proper occasion ;-). Well I thought last night could have been that potential occasion, so after I got home I hopped in a shower, and put the new 'lacie' on.

The evening was going well, Jonesy (my vicious chihuahua) didn't even attempt to eat my date, big success there! And on the contrary really liked him and wanted to be buds from the get go.
A bottle of red wine, yummy dinner and great conversation and the night flew by. And like all responsible adults do, they finish a night at a reasonable hour on a school night (well I'm still learning how to do that... does that mean I'm not a responsible adult? or maybe not an adult?)

Tired and a bit tipsy from the wine, I took my clothes off just to notice that the underwear I was wearing still had the tag attached to it. FUCK! Really K? REALLY? I just hope it wasn't sticking out of my pants all night saying hello! I mean what would I say if he noticed? 'Oh you know I was just planning on returning them tomorrow?!' ... 'just trying them out.. I'm quite picky with underwear...' 'wanted to make sure you see the tag buddy, so you know what to buy me'???????

Right, knowing me I probably would say any of the above as I don't really get embarrassed, and as usual would have to turn this whole thing into a joke on myself.

Note to self, if planning on wearing new undies please make sure to take the damn tags off! Better yet, take them off as soon as you buy them! Or they will pop out of your jeans to say hello and embarrass you! And definitely learn your address before you give it out to anyone!


Monday, March 1, 2010


As sad as I was leaving Astoria, part of me was glad as well. Nothing better than a clean slate in a new neighborhood where no one knows you or heard you... YET ;-)!

We were at all odds at first, it was either raining or snowing the whole week and by Saturday morning (yes my move day) none of the snow has melted and it pilled up all over into little hills for midget skiers.

Everything seemed to be going well. Got the Penske... and my friends and I were loading it up! Of course it couldn't go away without mentioning our last Saturday hangout! Sometimes its good to be a clown ;-)!

Couple hours and LOTS of laughs later we were in Ridgewood unpacking, and that went smoother than we all thought it was going to go!
Some yummy food at Krolewskie Jadlo and Zywiec later the move was officially completed. Exhaustion settled in, but brain wasn't ready to give it a rest for the day.
Pumkin and I had nowhere to sleep, couldn't find the screws to put the bed back together and there was no room to put the mattress down either! Polish girls can do it though! We managed to move things around and settled on the mattress, camping style. Decided to open a bottle of wine just to relax and hopefully mellow out enough to fall asleep. Well the wine did the opposite and now we were pretty restless. With dimmed lights in the soon to be bedroom we were doing what girls do best... talking, that was until we noticed that in the window opposite from mine someone turned the light on... Curiosity won! We turned our lights out just so we could see what was going on there. Hoping for some nudity, action... Still hoping someone was going to come over to do a lap dance and a massage, since we ached terribly!
As it turned out that window was my neighbor's bathroom... and that got us even more curious.. So we kept our voices and lights down... waiting for some kind of excitement. The neighbor clearly had a girl over and she was the one using the bathroom... lingering there for quite some time... Well everything was clear after she left... and he came in just to open the window to air it out! Hahaha.. Girl gotta learn.. you don't stink up your boys bathroom... especially that there are people watching!!

Well the curtains are hung, so no more watching the neighbors... or is there???

Big shout out to all you guys who were such troopers and didn't cancel on me because of the storm! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I think this was truly the most fun move ever!